13.4.2017 at 17:00 - 13.4.2017

Russian Cosmism

Arseny Zhilyaev’s lecture titled An Apple Trees Will Bloom will introduce the origin of Russian Cosmism, its main trajectories and representatives that include philosophers, scientists and thinkers such as Nikolai Fyodorovich Fyodorov (1828-1903), Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857-1935), Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945) and Alexander Chizevsky (1897-1964). Anton Vidokle will screen two films from his trilogy on Russian Cosmism including This is Cosmos (2014) and The Communist Revolution Was Caused By The Sun (2015). A Q&A will follow the presentations.
16.2.2017 at 18:00 - 9.4.2017


The presence and the absence of volumes structure our perception of a three-dimensional environment.
Guided tour
4.11.2016 at 12:00 - 26.2.2017

Look What Is Back. Programmes for schools

the Slovak state, WW II, propaganda, the Holocaust, history, contemporary art, politically engaged art, new media, installation, monument, anti-monument
3.11.2016 at 18:00 - 26.2.2017

Look What Is Back / The Slovak State in Contemporary Art

The exhibition project titled And is it here again? The Slovak state in the contemporary art, represents, in terms of production, a follow-up to the politically angled projects addressed by the KHB curators in the past; it concurrently constitutes an autonomous addition to the exhibition Dream x Reality shown at the Slovak National Gallery.
7.12.2016 at 18:00 - 29.1.2017

AGNÈS THURNAUER: Land and Language

The core of the presentation of Agnès Thurnauer, a French-Swiss author, is a series of oversized round objects / buttons, Portraits Grandeur Nature (2007 – 2009), which she also presented at Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.
30.9.2016 at 12:00 - 20.11.2016

ESTHER STOCKER: From the Future

Esther Stocker focuses on spatial abstraction and architecture that pulls viewers into a different dimension. Black-and-white geometrical landscapes are created through multiplication of simple shapes and forms, horizontal as well as vertical lines. She creates rhythmical patterns that underline the unyielding character of her works. Repetition of basic elements, shifting of the horizon and playing with the perspective creates the depth as well as volume of the space.
19.11.2016 at 16:00 - 19.11.2016

Lecture Performance of Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe in installation „From the Future“ by Esther Stocker

We invite you to Lecture Performance of Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe, in Vienna working performance artist of Congolese origin, is going to take place in the installation of the exhibition Esther Stocker: "From the Future" (Kunsthalle LAB) with participation of the artist.
18.3.2016 at 12:00 - 31.7.2016

Accompanying program to exhibition Fear Of The Unknown

In cooperation with non-profit organisations and foreign partners we have organised an accompanying program prepared for the wider public and for refugees in cooperation with refugees and about refugees. The program provides a rare possibility of meetings and communication and tries to contribute to the transformation of “the unknown” into “the known”.
17.3.2016 at 18:00 - 31.7.2016


The refugee crisis that we are facing today is the most serious since World War II. Millions of people are forced to flee their homes due to armed conflict or extreme poverty. This situation has brought to our society a lot of uncertainty and it raises many questions. The experience of contact with other cultures is new and unknown for the countries of Eastern Europe. It has not yet been enough time to get to know each other. We are only at the beginning of a mutual dialogue. The exhibition Fear Of The Unknown is trying to overcome the barrier of non-communication.