28.9.2018 at 12:00 - 30.10.2018



ADA is the name for an interactive installation in the form of a kinetic object - a helium-filled dimensional balloon, whose surface is made up by several dozen of wooden charcoal tips.
17.8.2018 at 18:00 - 28.10.2018



What is the form of national identity today? What influence do various symbols exert upon it? Can we positively identify with a nation without nationalistic and xenophobic overlays? The exhibition Eagles & Doves presents works by contemporary Slovak and German artists who respond to these difficult questions with broad perspective, criticism and humour, in a playful and open manner. Contemporary art can be actually a medium of intercultural communication: the encounter, not the clash, of cultures.
5.7.2018 at 12:00 - 2.9.2018


DAVID BÖHM AND JIŘÍ FRANTA: No One's Going to Laugh!

Works of Franta and Böhm most frequently involve an attempt to find new contexts and meaning shifts in the classical medium of drawing, exploring its physical limits; they may also, convey thoughts on the wider relationship between image and text structure.
18.5.2018 at 17:00


Theatrum mundi oeconomicum - Treuhand-politics as economic paradigm

Raising awareness for transformative events within contemporary society, artist Andreas Siekmann has focused on the intrinsic understanding of privatization processes, influences of globalisation, and the displacement of economic responsibility
17.5.2018 at 18:00 - 24.6.2018


Michel Houellebecq

Michel Houellebecq (Michel Thomas) is, since the 1990s, one of the contemporary authors of French language the most translated and read in the world.
20.4.2018 at 18:00


Alexandra Pirici

The lecture looks at the body as material, medium and technology for remembering, imagining, laboring, transforming and informing socio-economic landscapes.
12.4.2018 at 18:00 - 15.7.2018



Ilona Németh: Eastern Sugar (April 13 – July 15, 2018), including works by Jeremy Deller, Harun Farocki, Lonnie Van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan, and the invited project Museum of Sugar curated by Miroslav Eliáš.
15.2.2018 at 18:00 - 6.5.2018


TOMÁŠ RAFA: Paradox of Tolerance

Solo exhibition of the Slovak visual artist Tomáš Rafa, whose artwork has been also presented in the prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA PS1) in New York City.
31.1.2018 at 18:00


Participative Tendencies in Exhibition Projects by Szilárd Cseke and Kinga German

The curator Kinga German will talk about the work of the Hungarian artist Szilárd Cseke, whose solo exhibition entitled Fall by the Roadside may be seen in the Kunsthalle LAB space until February 4, 2018.
1.1.2018 at 12:00 - 31.12.2018


From the backstage of the gallery

The presentation focuses on demonstration of methods used by the gallery education as well as the interpretation possibilities of contemporary art.
7.12.2017 at 18:00 - 25.2.2018


ŠTEFAN PAPČO: Psycho-vertical

Psycho-vertical: Štefan Papčo’s Radical Performative Sculpture
7.12.2017 at 17:00 - 5.2.2018


SZILÁRD CSEKE: Fall by the Roadside

Solo exhibition of the Hungarian visual artist Szilárd Cseke, who represented Hungary at Venice Art Biennale 2015.