5.7.2019 - 1.9.2019


Žilvinas Landzbergas: The Fog

In Kunsthalle LAB the artist presents a site-specific installation consist- ing of heterogeneous natural and artificial elements. He uses diverse materials which refer to multi-layered contexts, thereby creating works which he calls social portraits.
12.7.2019 - 6.10.2019


Orient 2

Orient2 is a meditation on East European identity. The exhibition finds a unifying aspect in this ambiguous region: a contradictory but also complementary self-underestimation, and a simultaneous arrogance. These are two definitional positions of the region’s wounded identity. Suggesting that a suppressed inferiority complex is a possible reason for the recent upsurge of nationalism and non-democratic tendencies in Eastern Europe, the exhibition asks whether the failure in constituting and performing Eastern European identities, if it were accepted, could not be turned into a virtue.