DAVID BÖHM A JIŘÍ FRANTA: No one's going to laugh!

Kurátor: Pavel Švec


July 4, 2018 

from 6 until 8 p.m.


July 5 – September 2, 2018


Kunsthalle LAB

Jiří Franta (*1978) and David Böhm (*1982) have been functioning as a creative tandem in the field of visual art since 2006. During that time they have completed an entire series of exhibitions at home and abroad. Their works most frequently involve an attempt to find new contexts and meaning shifts in the classical medium of drawing, exploring its physical limits; they may also, for example, convey thoughts on the wider relationship between image and text structure. 


But their shared output also includes performance, videos, spatial installations, interventions in public space and wall paintings, and last but not least, publications. With their spontaneity and heuristic approach the two artists stimulate creativity and imagination in their viewers, whom they draw into the game in a distinctive and disarming manner – mainly via their loose-reined participative approach, which is open to a free accumulation of associations.    


The approach will be similar at their forthcoming Bratislava exhibition. With the centenary of the birth of independent Czechoslovakia near at hand, in their current works the two artists concern themselves with the somewhat more serious issues of “statehood”, “power” and “government” and ideas of “national identity” and “national culture”. Taking their typically playful and lightly ironic approach to the given themes, they subject these dusty, antiquated conceptions and their conventional symbolism to a comprehensive load testing. This test (and the artists assure us of this with the exhibition’s very name) is no joke...

No one’s going to laugh!