This artist’s work focuses mainly on the photography of architecture, and she is one of the most compelling photographers active on the international scene. In Kunsthalle LAB she will present a monumental wall photo-installation entitled Walls, which will emerge as a collage of shots taken by the artist in the locality of our capital city.

Photo: From the artist's archive


November 21, 2019

from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


November 22, 2019 – January 12, 2020



The adventure began in Barcelona in 1965. The department store El Corte Inglés was completely wrapped in tarpaulins for renovation. It was a very strong visual shock  for me and triggered a new photographic series that I continue today. Every time a scaffold creates an ephemeral decoration, every time a building, a monument or a statue disappears behind the tarpaulins ...On my many travels, I came across wrapped cars, motorcycles, bicycles, I spotted garbage cans, children's games, trees, signboards all in wraps. Like the Surrealists looking for and collecting signs in the urban landscape, I saw a playful and mysterious vision of the city emerge, a great sleight of hand : things hidden away promoted the banal to the rank of poetic, extraordinary form. An endless game led by an invisible magician. Over the years I find myself constructing a composite city from Paris, New York, London, Berlin, Addis Ababa, Cairo, Delhi, Madras, Bombay ... .  A city in black and white and in color.


Deidei von Schaewen