Orient 2

Orient2 is a meditation on East European identity. The exhibition finds a unifying aspect in this ambiguous region: a contradictory but also complementary self-awareness, and a simultaneous arrogance. These are two definitional positions of the region’s wounded identity. Suggesting that a suppressed inferiority complex is a possible reason for the recent upsurge of nationalism and non-democratic tendencies in Eastern Europe, the exhibition asks whether the failure in constituting and performing Eastern European identities, if it were accepted, could not be turned into a virtue.
Curator: Michal Novotný


July 11th, 2019

from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


July, 12th – October, 6th 2019


1st floor KHB

With a therapeutic reenactment of surprises, disappointments, traumas and humiliations, the exhibition stages a drama that takes the viewer through five genre scenes of inglorious histories, tracing the region’s development in the last thirty years. The chosen perspective is the sensation of liberation, in its differentiated aspects and its crucial falseness.


Exhibiting artists: Argišt Alaverdyan, Rada Boukova, Zuzanna Czebatul, Marek Delong & Anna Slama, Anna Daučíková, Wojtek Doroszuk, Lucia Elena Prusa, Anders Gronlien, Kaspars Groshevs, Tomáš Hlavina, Martin Horák, Baptiste Charneux, Šimon Kadlečák, Shifra Kazhdan, Alina Kleytman, Lenka Klodová, Adam Kokesch, Martin Kohout, Ieva Kraule, Marlena Kudlicka, Kwiekulik, Marek Meduna, Daria Melnikova, Maria Metsalu, Vlad Nanca, Deimantas Narkevicius, Richard Nikl, Jan Pfeiffer, Jaakko Pallasvuo & Anni Puolakka, Lucia Elena Prusa, Jan Šerých, Jiří Thýn, Ondřej Vicena.