In autumn, Kunsthalle LAB traditionally hosts the international light festival White Night. The highly acclaimed and attended exhibitions organized in cooperation with the gallery and the festival present visually attractive and often interactive installations created specifically for the premises of KHB by Zuzana Pacáková, the director of the festival.
Curator: Zuzana Pacáková


September 26, 2019

from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


September 27, 2019 – October 27, 2019


Kunsthalle LAB

Plastique Fantastique is a prestigious platform for temporary architecture,
which began in 1999 in Berlin. Influenced by the setting and by the period, during
which the city was changing into a laboratory for temporary spaces, Plastique
Fantastique focus on the creation of habitable installations as alternative, adaptable,
and in terms of upkeep undemanding, spaces for short-term activities.

The light and mobile structures typically have a thin transparent layer which
simultaneously divides and combines places and the people in them, while often as a
result making visible what we overlook in the surroundings. For 20 years now
Plastique Fantastique have been activating public places with their installations,
drawing attention to fundamental social themes, and inviting people to share those
concerns. Their outsize installations have traversed the entire world, and currently
one may also see them at the Venice Biennale with their work Blurry Venice.

By their monumental installations in public space, for two decades Plastique
Fantastique have been challenging people to share their commitment to socially
important themes. With The Golden Pill they openly commit themselves to
democratic values, and only with disgust do they reflect on the wave of populism and
growing extremism in society. An extremism which is attempting to curtail freedom,
even in artistic expression . The colours of the object are not chosen at random: they
refer to the material with which refugees protect themselves in inclement
temperatures during their journey.