Žilvinas Landzbergas

The Lithuanian artist Žilvinas Landzbergas will create a new site specific spatial installation in Kunsthalle LAB, in which he will use materials found locally and also from his homeland. The installation will consist of natural elements including wood, branches and roots of trees, pieces of furniture, stones, and suchlike.
Curator: Lýdia Pribišová

Photo: from the artist's acrhive


July 4th, 2019

from 6 p. m. to 8 p.m .



July 5th - September 1st, 2019



Kunsthalle LAB

In Žilvinas Landzbergas’s work the significances of material, colour, light and mythology are linked in one indissociable conceptual whole. The artist employs a variety of materials so that references to social objects and contexts (things created from these materials) may create social portraits. Landzbergas’s installations transform spaces to situations with their own time and space, where the connections between the various elements are created according to a logic of the narration of stories: linear progress is replaced by conjunctions of transitions and references which do not offer definite statements. In these the artist links his own experience to thoughts on and criticism of the social and historical contexts.   
Landzbergas works with Baltic mythology, with demiurgic reflections on the origin of the world in the context of contemporary consumer culture, and often with ecological overlaps.  He reflects on the consequences of the anthropocene period on our planet and our future. And thus he combines cheap disposable materials and synthetic colours, apartment furnishings and objects of everyday requirement, with objects found naturally. These represent the mysterious moment of mythic thinking in his work. A metaphoric logic of Northern fables and fairytales links the individual elements of his installations. The eerie and indeed sometimes nihilistic mood in Landzbergas’s work is always accompanied by a gentle humour and irony. Of no less importance in his work is drawing, via which the artist tells his meta-narratives.  
This artist interprets everyday events and the essential solitude of people, and he illuminates the fragility of human existence. The true character of life is represented in his work by means of symbols, allegories, and metaphors of Baltic mythology. His spacious installations have a dimension of sophisticated humanism; spirituality and contemplation blend together with reference to Baltic cultural history. 


Lýdia Pribišová

curator of the exhibition




Žilvinas Landzbergas (b. 1979 in Kaunas, Lithuania; lives and works in Vilnius.)

In 2004 he studied sculpture at the Vilnius Academy of Art. In 2005 – 2007 he completed a postgraduate artist’s residence at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. In 2008 he won the main prize of Thieme Art, the modern and contemporary art publishing house. In 2017 he represented Lithuania at the 57th Venice Biennale. Landzbergas has had solo exhibitions in institutional venues including the Centre for Contemporary Art in Vilnius and Modern Art Oxford in the United Kingdom. His works have been presented at international group shows in Zentrum Paul Klee in Berne, at the Biennale in Liverpool, and at De Hallen Haarlem.