Do you want to learn more about the world of contemporary arts? Our educational programs bring the unusual world of contemporary arts closer to various groups of children and adult visitors. Their aim is common thinking on selected topics and exhibited works and their creative interpretation, which creates space for personal attitude and experience of each visitor. They are open to families, kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools, young people, adults and seniors, to whom we offer different types of programs, lectures, discussions, guided tours and workshops.

Look What Is Back / The Slovak State in Contemporary Art.
Kunsthalle Bratislava (KHB)

The exhibition Look What Is Back addresses the modern history of Slovakia: the period of the Slovak State as perceived by more than 20 contemporary artists. The political regime used arts for purposes of propaganda and repressed its progressive representations. Through the perspective of an almost 80 years lapse we will look for answers whether and how contemporary art can contribute to better understanding of history, if it is possible to come to terms with it and learn a lesson from the made mistakes. How far can the art that makes its stance to political issues go, and what are its possibilities and limits?

the Slovak state, WW II, propaganda, the Holocaust, history, contemporary art, politically engaged art, new media, installation, monument, anti-monument

Programmes for schools to the exhibition:

The disappearing drawing
For kindergarten children and pupils of the 1st – 2nd grades of primary schools.
At the exhibition, we will test how good our memory is and how to create a disappearing “fading out” drawing. We will look at what signs, marks and symbols there are around us and what information we can discover in them.

The Spy Trixi
For the pupils of the 3rd – 7th grades of primary schools
We will have a look at the period of the Second World War through the story of Trixi - the youngest European spy. We will learn how everyday life during the war looked like. At the exhibition, we will try to decode secret messages. We will talk about how our memory and remembrances work and we will create “disappearing” artworks.

Heroes and Anti-Heroes
For the pupils of the 8th – 9th grades of primary schools, students of secondary schools and universities.
Every historical period has its heroes, men or women, as well as anti-heroes. It builds up new monuments and pulls down the old ones. What does it mean to build somebody a monument and what form does it have in contemporary art? We will find out whether and how the arts can contribute to the process of reconciliation with the past and we will try to design our own temporary monument.

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Other programmes: 

Limits of Art
For the students of secondary schools
Have you joined the competition for secondary schools Have you got an artistic vein?(Have you got an artistic gut?) Be at home in contemporary art and make yourselves familiar with the works of art that “caused revolution” in art. Join us and cross the limits of the traditional perception of an artistic artefact.

From the backstage of the gallery
For the university students of humanities
The presentation focuses on demonstration of methods used by the gallery pedagogy (education) as well as the interpretation possibilities of contemporary art.

Kunsthalle LAB: Agnés Thurnauer: Krajina a jazyk (The Country and the Language) (Land and Language), 7.12.2016 – 29.1.2017
For all ages.
Knowing somebody’s name in the past meant knowing who they were. Art history is full of famous names, mostly men, but this is no longer true today. What does it mean to be an artist and is it possible to tell which works were made by men or women? More at

The programmes need to be pre-booked minimum 5 days in advance: +421 2 2047 6217
Programmes duration: 60 – 90 minutes
The minimum number of participants: 7, maximum 30, for the creative workshop – 20 pupils/students.
The pupils/students will be under supervisory liability of their pedagogues.

The educational programmes are managed and implemented by the KHB pedagogues:
Mgr. Daniela Čarná, PhD.
Mgr. Art Lucia Kotvanová
Mgr. Ivana Krištofíková (external associate)
Mgr. Mirka Mišová (external associate)

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(For schools, we can offer the programmes starting at 10.00 a.m.)

Free entry (from January 2017 the programmes for schools will be charged)

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